Cool Flash Games Part I (Page 2)

coma game wallpaper

This is a continuation from our previous post: Cool Flash Games (Page 1)


4. Coma

Coma Game

The name of this game ‘Coma’ should be enough to explain what this game is going to be about. This adventure, game is about exploring the imaginary world of Pete, the main character whom you play as, and discovering more about his life. This game indirectly gives you hints about Pete’s real life through the interactions with other characters in the game, the graffiti on the walls and symbolism.

coma game wallpaper

It’s one of those games that will leave you demanding for an explanation once you have finished the game. If you enjoy playing these mysterious, open-for-interpretation types of game then this is a great one to explore. Along with that, the atmosphere set by this game’s cryptic soundtrack and coloring will keep you immersed for the complete duration of the 20 minute game. The mood this game creates is probably one of it’s strongest aspects. To play this game now, click on the button below:

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5. One and One Story

One and One Story

A very sweet and short love story of a young boy and a young girl portrayed through the puzzle platform-game medium. Although a bit cheesy, this is one of those very rare games that not only tells its story through words or voices, but through the actual gameplay itself. As the game progresses, the actual rules and mechanics of gameplay is tailored to suit the narrative.

One and One Story game

The music in this game was also made by David Carney who also composed the soundtrack for ‘The Company of Myself,’ another game mentioned in this cool flash games list (on page 1). Check it out if you haven’t already, his music really compliments the mood of the game. Also, despite what many might think, the ending to this game is not absolutely terrible and corny, but it was actually very simple and straight-forward. I can’t explain anymore without spoiling the game so you’ll just have to see for yourself.

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6. Loved

Loved Game

What kind of bizarre game did I just play? You have a narrator giving you orders… Do you obey or disobey him? If you disobey him, the weird things happen as you’ll see…

Loved Game


This is a very interesting and unique 2D platformer game which leaves many open ended questions for the player to reflect upon. Play this game here:

[button color=”blue” url=”” size=”medium”]Play Loved Game[/button]


That is all for Part 1 of ‘Cool Flash Games.’ We hope you have a great time playing these games, because I certainly had a thrilling experience and wanted to share this with you guys. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the comments below too and stay tuned for Part 2 of our cool flash games series. Part 1 mostly had deep, unique and emotional flash games, but Part 2 will have mostly light hearted, funny, joyful flash games for you to enjoy.

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2 Comments on Cool Flash Games Part I (Page 2)

  1. Visited this website only to find One and One Story. Its the coolest game on here and really touches you when you love someone.
    Other games have style too but got lags on “Loved”. Think its meant to be like that to make playing harder.

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