Cool Flash Games – Part I

One Chance game wallpaper

Playing some cool flash games can be a really satisfying experience for everybody, especially during your break, because these games are very short and the duration of these games range from only a few minutes to a few hours. Even the ‘non-hardcore gamers’ can agree that playing a well-crafted flash game every once in a while can be a very compelling experience. Different flash games offer different experiences and some are made to be light-hearted and funny, whilst others are made to be deep and meaningful. Surprising, a lot of flash games succeed in doing this even better than the big budget games, so for game developers, pay attention. A lot can be learnt from trying out different flash games and analyzing the elements of these games.

Here’s a list of cool flash gamesĀ that are very unique. This is part 1 on the list so expect there to be a part 2. Note: This list is in no particular order and all these games are just as awesome as each other!

All games listed here will be from Kongregate logo. Sign up if you wish to save your stats. Also Cinematic mode is available on the top left corner of the game.


1. The Company of Myself

The company of Myself

The Company of Myself is a very deep and meaningful puzzle platformer game which is extremely well-crafted. It’s not one of those games that just bombards you with information on how to play the game at the start. Instead it provides you with the tutorial gradually as you progress through the game. The puzzles are also very well crafted. It doesn’t get too easy or difficult suddenly, instead the difficulty gradually increases throughout the game.


The company of myself wallpaper

This emotional flash game is about the story of a hermit who describes his feelings of isolation to you (as the player) through words which appear on the screen. These sentences emerge as you progress through certain points in the game, and its easy to sympathise with the main character. Try out this game here:

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2. One Chance

One Chance Game

Another deep and highly emotional flash game. This 2D game requires no skills or critical thinking to solve puzzles as in the first game. One Chance is about making choices – the world is about to end and what actions will you take?

One Chance Game

I’d say for a short 2D game that takes only minutes to play, it does a superb job with it’s art and soundtrack to make you feel melancholic throughout the game. Play this game here:

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3. Today I Die

Today I Die

Another game designed to make you feel depressed…hehe. Yes I do like these emotional games, and this one does a marvelous job at setting the tone with the overall color scheme and the piano music. In fact, for a game, this one’s very short and there’s very little challenge involved (although there is). It doesn’t explain how to play the game so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. This game only takes 5 minutes to play so I recommend you give it a try:

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