Top 10 Best SNES Games

Best Games on Super Nintendo

Best Super Nintendo Games

Although many people including myself wouldn’t consider the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)  as their all time favourite console, many can agree that it had some of the most interesting games ever made. The experience of playing these classics simply cannot be recreated with the use of modern consoles and orchestral soundtracks as opposed to the 16-bit graphics and catchy, single-tone music of the SNES era.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best Super Nintendo games. I personally had so much fun creating this top 10 list of the best SNES games because it allowed me to indulge in my childhood memories and experience the feelings of nostalgia. Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order and that I probably have missed out on some great games.

#10 – Shadowrun – Lets Play!

An unheard of classic cyberpunk RPG, but for those who haven’t played Shadowrun… play it! This game has got to be included as one of the top SNES games and our good friends ThoresZ and ReChief have actually recorded a highly entertaining walkthrough / lets play of this game, we recommend you check it out by clicking here. The game has difficult controls, and sometimes requires ‘pixel hunting’ but if you can look past those 2 downsides then you’ll have so much fun playing this game.

#9 – Terranigma

I stole these 2 trailers (Shadowrun and Terranigma) from extra creditz ( so all credit goes to them.


#8 – Chrono Trigger


#7 – Final Fantasy III

Sorry I was unable to find a decent trailer for this game.

#6 – Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past


#5 – Super Mario World

Everyone’s probably heard of this one. What’s a top 10 list without a Mario game?


#4 – The Legend of the Mystical Ninja


#3 – Super Probotector: The Aliens Rebel


#2 – Inindo: Way of the Ninja



– I’ll let you guys decide what you think should be number 1. Post your comments below and we will count your vote and tally it up. The most popular game will be listed here on this top 10 SNES games list.

I sure hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 list because I surely enjoyed writing it. Once again, this is just based on my personal opinion and the games that I’ve actually played before; I’ve definitely left out some top super nintendo games, so any opinions would be welcomed below in the comments section. You don’t need to sign up to post a comment.


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  1. That Let’s Play of Shadowrun was hilarious. I hope they continue to make the rest of the LP, do you know why they stopped?

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